Important Update: R.E. Graswich & Hyde Close Out Debates

On February 26, 2014, Sacramento Superior Court Judge Timothy Frawley ruled against STOP in its lawsuit to overturn the City Clerk’s rejection of STOP’s petition. The City Clerk had rejected the petition to place an initiative on the June 2014 ballot because of numerous flaws. STOP sued, but Judge Frawley’s ruling appears to have brought the matter to an end. The city of Sacramento will now move forward with its planned arena project. As a result, R.E. Graswich and John Hyde have cancelled their Arena Debate series. Read the press release for more information >

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Where do YOU stand on the proposed downtown arena for Sacramento?

The proposed downtown arena is already the most hotly debated issue facing Sacramento today.

The city’s plan calls for the construction of a new Sports and Entertainment Center (ESC) on the site of the existing Downtown Plaza. The budget for the ESC is approximately $450 million, of which $258 million would be contributed by the city, with the remaining cost paid by the owners of the Sacramento Kings.

What do you think? Is the proposed arena a good plan for Sacramento? Can the city afford to spend more than $250 million on this amenity? Where will the money come from to pay for it? Will it help revitalize the downtown area and K Street mall?

Sports writer R.E. Graswich and marketing consultant John Hyde have been involved in this debate for the past several months. Starting on December 9, they will duke it out in an ongoing town hall-style debate and discussion. These events are free for the public and offer an opportunity to hear both sides of this important issue – and ask the questions you care about.